Viagra pill – the best anti-ED drug which has helped millions of men!

The Viagra pill is a famous medical remedy used for curing erectile dysfunction in male people. The medication can help to fight against both the psychological and physiological sexual problems in men. It belongs to a group of PDE-5 inhibitors and has the form of biconvex tablets with a blue coating. One side of the Viagra pill has a “Pfizer” inscription. The other side has a “VGR 100”, “VGR 50” or “VGR25” inscription (the value varies depending on the dosage of the medication).

Viagra pill – some historical facts

viagra pillViagra pill was approved by the FDA in 1998. It was released to the US pharmaceutical market on March 27, 1998. The medication was intended to cure ED, but it originally was tested in studies as a remedy for the treatment of heart problems. Some men taking the medication told the experts that Viagra had caused strong and prolonged erections. A similar effect was observed in all men, so it was decided to position the drug as a remedy for impotence. The effectiveness of the Viagra pill for curing heart problems was much lower.

Viagra pills – how to use them?

1. The Viagra pill is taken orally. Most often, the recommended dose of the medication is 50 mg. It should be taken 40-60 minutes before intended sexual intercourse.
2. The dose may be increased or decreased to 25 or up to 100 mg respectively (only by healthcare professional’s recommendation).
3. The maximum dosage of the medication which is allowed to be taken per day is 100 milligrams.
4. In order to achieve the effect of the medication, a man should be in the mood to have sex. The Viagra pill starts working only when a man is sexually excited. After each sexual act, his erection will disappear as it happened before ED issues plagued his life, and the erection will reappear if a man is again in sexual arousal.

Viagra pills, food products, and alcoholic drinks

The Viagra pill will help males to achieve a penile erection regardless of the meal. Therefore, a couple can have a romantic dinner together, and during or after it a man can take the medication. The only thing he should not forget is that fatty foods can lead to slow absorption of an active agent of the Viagra pill. As a result, the effect of the medication can occur later.

Many male people wonder: “Can I combine Viagra with alcohol and food?” The answer is “yes,” but do not forget that the consumption of alcohol may temporarily change the ability to get an erection. A small quantity of alcohol can remove the restraint sense. We can say with confidence that taking alcohol in reasonable amounts doesn’t affect the action of the Viagra pill. At the same time, alcohol in large amounts will adversely affect the sexual desire in general and the erection in particular. Therefore, the medical remedy and alcoholic drinks are compatible, but only under the condition that a man drinks a small amount of alcohol.

Viagra pills for sale at online drugstores

Viagra tablets are very popular on the Internet. A lot of online drugstores and other websites sell this medication online. Purchasing this pill online has some advantages:

viagra cost per pill1) you don’t need to go to a regular pharmacy and queue up;
2) you can economize your costs, as you can find really cheap Viagra pills in comparison to purchasing in a regular pharmacy;
3) buying online guarantees you the highest level of confidentiality; none of your relatives, friends, etc. will know about a pill that you bought on the Internet.

But there are some risks when purchasing Viagra pill online. Be careful, when ordering at online drugstores, which are not very well known. Don’t trust sites offering the medical remedy without a prescription. This isn’t legal practice, as the “blue pill” is a prescription medication (in the US and Canada). In addition, check the physical address of the website and its telephone number. If the site doesn’t have either of those you have probably found an illegal service.
How to buy cheap Viagra pills? In order to do this, you can use the following tips:

– compare prices at different websites offering Viagra pills for sale;
– check whether websites offer free delivery;
– use special coupons which you can find with the help of Google searches.

Viagra cost per pill

According to data, the medication has the following prices:

1) the cost per pill containing 25 mg of sildenafil varies from $8 to $16;
2) a 50 mg tablet also costs from $8 to $16;
3) a 100 mg pill costs up to $20.

As you can see, prices of 25 and 50 mg tablets are approximately equal. You can save your money using this information. For example, if a healthcare professional prescribes 25 mg of the medication to you, you can buy 50 mg tablets and divide them into two equal parts.

Free Viagra pills – where to get them?

free viagra pillsObtaining free Viagra pills is an excellent way to find out whether the medicament is suitable for the specific individual. Pfizer (the manufacturer of the drug) does not give customers the opportunity to obtain such samples. However, the company offers a discount program. A man (a resident of the USA or Puerto-Rico) can get up to a $450 discount per year for purchasing three prescriptions of the drug from a pharmacy that participate in the program.
Not all men know that many websites offer a few samples of the medication for free. Why do they do that? The simple answer is that they want to attract more customers. Because if a customer tests the drug and sees that it is of high quality, he will buy his medicine at this online pharmacy in the future.
Of course, not all online pharmacies sell medical remedies for sexual health. Don’t waste your time searching for one of such websites on the Internet. It’s worth it. Free drug samples are always good as a surprise and maybe you’ll find a reliable supplier of safe and high-quality medical remedies.

We hope, that the above information will help you in treating your erection problems and purchasing Viagra on the Internet. We provide only reliable data about male health problems and Viagra, so you can read our other articles on this website for even more information.