Tobacco’s dangerous effect on erectile function and overall health

Nowadays, most men probably know that smoking is harmful. This fact has been proven by a lot of studies, shown on TV, on the Internet, and even on the packaging of cigarettes themselves. However, not every male wants to hear and fully understands such information.

The influence of smoking on one’s health condition and erections

American health experts say that each cigarette smoked by a man leads him along the straight road to impotence.
I. Practically every avid smoker has a worsened endocrine profile and bad blood vessels. In addition, blood flow in the genital area is decreased in such people, and proper blood flow to the penis is essential for achieving an erection.
II. One cigarette contains about 5000 chemical compounds, sixty of which (for example, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide) can lead to impotence.
III. Smoking causes the greatest danger to male smokers who have arterial hypertension. Increased blood pressure combined with the action of the elements contained in cigarettes and tobacco smoke have serious negative effects on male sexual functions. The harmful effect of smoking on potency can be very severe.
IV. In addition, smoking can lead to the deterioration of sperm composition and a number of different substances in the sperm. The quality of sperm as the carrier of genetic data is decreased in smokers.
V. It should be noted that the negative effects of cigarettes are exacerbated in the case of the combination of smoking with alcohol. If a person abuses alcohol and cigarettes, potency problems may occur very quickly.

Research concerning the influence of smoking on male potency

Some Polish and Czech scientists have conducted an experiment among middle-aged males. The results of the experiments have brought disappointing data regarding the connection between the ability to achieve an erection and smoking. Scientists have found that married male individuals, who smoke around a pack of cigarettes a day, have only one sexual act a week, and this act lasts for 4 minutes maximum. Non-smokers have sexual acts two times more often (2 times per week) and longer (at least 8 min).
Some studies have shown that cigarettes shorten one’s longevity by 10-15 years on average. Other research findings have revealed a direct correlation between ED and the quantity of smoked cigarettes. Researchers have found that smoking a cigarette pack per day enlarges the approximately doubles the risk of the occurrence of ED occurrence.

Curing impotence caused by smoking

In one of the experiments, smokers were offered to give up their habit for some time. After 1.5 months, 1/3 of patients with erectile dysfunction participating in an experiment and found that their potency improved. In the period of the experiment, they did not take any medical remedies, they just gave up smoking. Of course, in the case of serious ailments, quitting smoking will not return potency immediately, but it is a necessary condition for a successful course of treatment. The Viagra medication will help a male to quickly deal with erectile dysfunction, but the medication definitely doesn’t increase libido (sexual desire). It does, however, improve the natural mechanisms of erection.