When is it the best time to take Viagra – before or after a meal?
This medicament works best when taken on an empty stomach. If a man has eaten fatty food, absorption of the medicament substance is slowed. Accordingly, the effect of the drug will come later.

Does the drug affect the ability of fertilization?
Numerous studies have shown that the medicament has no effect on the quality of sperm. It should also be noted that the drug does not improve fertility. Its main function is to increase blood flow to the penis to achieve a normal erection.

Does the drug cause a headache?
One of the possible adverse effects of the medicament is increased arterial pressure and headache. In some cases, side effects disappear with permanent using of the drug. However, in other cases, severe side effects require discontinuation of treatment.

Can Viagra delay the moment of ejaculation?
This medical remedy does not affect the normal duration of erection. It only contributes to the activation of natural mechanisms of erection. So do not take Viagra pills as a treatment for premature ejaculation.

Is Viagra compatible with yohimbine?
Some healthcare professionals prescribe to their patients Viagra in combination with yohimbine. But male persons should not take large dosages. The combination of these remedies is possible only by a doctor’s prescription. Both Viagra and yohimbine can cause different side effects.

Is it possible to take more than one Viagra pill (main page) during a 24-hour period?
Unfortunately, it isn’t recommended. You should consult your healthcare professional, but in any case taking the maximum dosage of the medical remedy is prohibited. It can lead to severe adverse effects.

Can Viagra be taken when a patient is undertaking Zantac treatment?
According to the official instruction of Viagra, this medicament doesn’t interact with ranitidine (main active agent of Zantac). However, you should inform your healthcare professional if you take Zantac. A specialist can give special recommendations for you.

Does the medication cause sexual desire or just improve erectile ability?
Viagra acts only as blood flow vasodilator in tissues of the male penis. It allows a male person to achieve an erection only if he is “in mood” i.e. wants to have sex with someone. Although getting an erection and having good sex can help a man with self-confidence, a man can feel desire more frequently. But the drug doesn’t increase libido directly.

Is Viagra available over the counter?
In such countries as the United States and Canada, Viagra is a prescription medicament. An individual can buy it only if he has health care expert’s prescription. Selling the drug without a prescription is illegal activity. However, some websites have a license to issue prescriptions after men complete special online questionnaires.