Negative influence of alcoholic drinks on potency in male persons

Some males have a habit of drinking alcoholic drinks (spirits) before sexual intercourse. A lot of male persons believe that spirits increase erection and prolong sexual intercourse. Really, taking small doses of spirits may increase the duration of intercourse. However, alcohol negatively affects overall health condition in general and sexual function in particular.

Consequences of alcoholic drinks abuse

1. Regular consumption of alcohol leads to a loss of sexual fantasies, which entails the weakening of potency.
2. Gradually, a man starts to notice that he needs much longer time to be sexually excited. Irritability and lack of confidence arise.
3. The effect of spirits on male potency is also seen in the inability to maintain a penile erection throughout the sexual intercourse. It may result in the fear of sex intercourse.
4. Alcoholism can lead to inflammation of the prostate, which affects sexual function.
5. Ethyl alcohol can cause disturbances in the metabolism of sex hormones and reduce their levels in the blood.
6. Functioning of tactile receptors decreases leading to the development of inability to perceive the impulses that lead to sexual arousal.
7. A man being in a state of alcoholic intoxication can forget about the need to use a condom when having sex with a strange woman. Sexually transmitted ailments can seriously affect male potency and cause the development of impotence.

How to restore potency caused by alcohol abuse?

In order to recover potency, a man should start taking care of his health. To do this, he should observe the following rules:

1. Recovery of potency after drinking begins with a complete renunciation of spirits. Decide on complete abstinence from spirits and sexual function will gradually begin to recover.
2. A man should visit a specialist (urologist, sexologist or andrologist) to diagnose ailments of the genital organs and receive adequate treatment. A doctor can prescribe special medicaments to improve erection, such as Viagra – famous blue pills belonging to the group of PDE5 inhibitors.
3. A long rest will have a positive effect.
4. A male person should normalize his daily routine and try to sleep more. Sleep can do wonders in the aspect of physical and mental rehabilitation.
5. It is necessary to improve diet: products containing trace elements and vitamins causing the beneficial effect on potency should be included in it.
6. Giving up smoking is necessary if a man is a smoker.
7. It is desirable to increase the physical activity. It is enough to run or walk a lot.

The sedentary lifestyle may cause stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which adversely affects erection.