Psychological problems and their influence on sexual function in men

We live in a very dynamic world. A lot of life events may be negative and sometimes tragic. These events can lead to psycho-emotional disorders such as depression, panic attacks, and others. In their turn, these psychological problems can cause erectile dysfunction (or ED).

How are psychological problems manifested?

At the psycho-emotional level, psychological problems are manifested as follows:

1) a lack of confidence in the future;
2) the inability to focus on daily activities;
3) sudden mood swings, increased irritability, unmotivated aggression, etc.;
4) the feeling of abandonment or loneliness;
5) sleep disorders (difficulties in falling asleep, shallow sleep with a lot of dreams, feeling sleepy in the morning; sleep does not bring rest, in consequence – fatigue occurs during the day);
6) extreme sensitivity to external influences: poor tolerance to loud sound, bright light, and temperature fluctuations.

At the physiological level, the following signs can be observed:

– heart palpitations;
– increased sweating;
– problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
– frequent urination;
– headaches;
– reduced sexual function (loss of libido and impotence).

One of the clearest symptoms of depression is increased resentment. It certainly affects a person’s comfortable position in society. When experiencing depression, a man experiences difficulties constraining emotions and reactions to what is happening. As a result, conflicts arise not only with close people, but also with strangers. All this leads to difficulties in his sex life.

How to treat psychological ED?

It is clear that first of all, a man needs to solve his psychological problems, and after or simultaneously with that task, he should handle the sexual ones. By the way, some medications that help to cure mental illnesses can provoke ED. Therefore, a man shouldn’t take any medication without consulting his doctor first. Men should honestly inform their healthcare professional about their condition. Then the doctor will most likely offer them a prescription for a medication that is most suitable for their situation.

One of the worst treatment methods for depression is consuming alcoholic drinks. Being under the effect of alcohol, individuals forget about all of their problems, feel more confident, and look at life in a different way, but only for a short period of time. Dispiritedness only intensifies after that. In addition, ethyl alcohol adversely affects the nervous system, thereby aggravating depression. It also negatively affects sexual function.

It should also be noted that if a man has erectile dysfunction of a psychogenic nature, PDE5 inhibitors, such as Viagra pills, can help him in fighting with such unpleasant problems.