In the mood for sex: examine how to correctly run the female wave!

Sex in the mood: examine how to correctly run the female wave!There are no girls who are always in the mood. And there are too many men who do not know how to catch their mood.

It is not difficult to please a man – you just need to bring him sex. But with women, there are nuances: their desires depend on their spirit; this arrangement must be anticipated and acted on according to the situation. How can you set up a barometer for a woman’s mood? Today’s instructions are for advanced users who have already learned to catch his partner’s good spirits but do not understand how to apply this knowledge in practice.

So, here’s rule one: in almost any situation, you need to find the proper approach for a girl. The rule is universal: do not become a person who women find it easier to just have sex even if they are not into it rather than explain what she wants or in some cases more importantly, what she doesn’t want.

Situation №1: she had a really filthy day

Girls are pleased with male attention, but if your attentiveness is reduced, she does not exactly recognize it. Today, she needs a sense of closeness and security. Increased emotionality, fatigue, complaints of back pain – all these are signs that you need to act carefully with the lady.

Your action: you should show in all possible ways that you are not just trying to undress this young lady as quickly as possible. A banal glass of wine, for example, that you present to her will be welcome. But you do not need other cliches: candles, a bath with foam – all this is superfluous. Instead, remember a little trick: when she comes out of the shower, give her a heated towel (with an iron or in a dryer). She will definitely appreciate this gesture.

Situation №2: she is playful and flirts with you

We must not forget that a woman in bed wants to be an object of desire, so your role of a nice boy is not always the way. The problem is that guys are often lazy and embarrassed to behave aggressively – and that’s exactly what drives many girls crazy. And it usually doesn’t matter how long you are in a relationship. Did she touch your back with her finger? Is she lying in bed as a model? Act like a man!

Your action: without half-heartedness, explain to her what exactly you are going to do to her and definitely include all of the details. If you cannot improvise, formulate your desires in advance – that’s right now, while you are reading this text. If you want, you can even write it down. Then ask what she wants. And start doing it right away; stop talking.

Situation №3: You are a little bored with each other

It is impossible to spend all of your time with each other. Therefore, a small separation works as an aphrodisiac (it was even proved that a woman on the eve of a date with a partner, whom she hasn’t seen for some time, has increased testosterone levels). The distance in relationships is important and not less than closeness: a person completely deprived of independence, loses self-confidence. And this harms sex.

Sex in the mood: examine how to correctly run the female wave!

Your action: during a business trip or a trip to visit relatives, look forward to your future meeting. Send a message about how you want her (it is easier to write about sex than talking in most cases). And when you come back, meet with her not at home, but in a cafe, in a park, somewhere else. Postponing the sexual encounter for a couple of hours, you will allow you to get more pleasure from it.

Situation №4: I want something new, but there are no ideas

Routine inevitably creeps into the relationship of people who have lived together for a couple of years. Fortunately, in this world, there are those who do not run out of fantasy, and some of these people work in the porn industry. Did you not notice the girl’s former fervor? Invite her to watch something suitable to her taste. Just remember: the video should not cause her disgust and dislike.

Your action: you saw something on the screen that wound you both up. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and safely use it in practice. And as a bonus, go with a girl to a sex shop. Spend 10-15 minutes there and select one intriguing item for each of you. Be ready to be surprised and discover the new dark and bright sides of this seemingly familiar woman.

Situation №5: your sex is covered with cobwebs

So you need some real madness, perhaps withSex in the mood: examine how to correctly run the female wave! a share of real fright. Psychologists say: nothing excites us as much as our heart popping out of our chests (along with the breasts jumping out of the bra). You may want to try something new: skydiving or even just locking yourself in the fitting room in the store. New impressions cause a splash of dopamine in the brain.

Your action: believe us, even joint sports will benefit you in many ways. And then there is sex in the entryway, blowjobs in a taxi, solitude at a party with your friends – but you never know what and where you can do it. And one more unusual way to get close is watching a horror film together.